Kim Peek

In the world of wonders, there are some genuinely wonderful personalities. The Kim Peek is one of the astounding characters on the universe with great grace and charm that please every onlooker and companion too. His life is one of the real-life examples of power dedication and devotion with a positive attitude towards life. The Kim peek was born with the absence of the corpus callosum which was usually known as split-brain,  but he was able to read simultaneously two pages at a time through his two eyes. This unique ability was quoted as a disability in science which kept him under the name of the mentally impaired.


A usual birth of an Unusual child

Kim Peek was born in 1951 on November 11 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was born with a 30 percent bigger head than usual babies’ heads. He was quiet and less responding compared to other active babies when he came into the world. The Doctors very soon realized he is no ordinary baby and there is some swelling inside his skull that has severely affected the left hemisphere of his brain. By the passage of time, he was declared mentally impaired and helpless in surviving against normal life. No sooner his parents decided to take his best care and up bring him like their other children. It was a good decision for Kim Peek.

An amusing childhood of a leading child

The childhood of Kim Peek was full of amazing moments. Even being scientifically declared as mentally impaired his activities are just miraculous. He started reading books before he was two years old and was able to consult dictionaries and other reasonable things only at the age of three. Up to the age of seven, he memorized the whole bible which was a remarkable thing. His parents and other admirers were astounded by his deeds and dedications.  His father was his excellent support system for survival who taken all the responsibilities from nursing to teaching and who put his heart into the care of Kim Peek to brought him to this canny world.

A journey of a fightback to the world abnormalities of Kim Peek

The world was full of facilities and charity, but no one was proven great at that early teenage time of Kim Peek. At the age of 14, his father arranged home tuitions and requested authorities to honor him with High school certification, but they refused. Coming to the age of 18 he applied and bagged a job in accounts for a community center. And he kept reading literature in his off time. He was held continuing his excellence by reading a series of books and phone directories. Somehow he gained a sharp mind with excellent reminisce power.

It was the time when stars and devotion of Kim Peek get into supremacy, and the opportunity was few steps more knocking at the door of his life.

A turning point in the life of Kim Peek

Here it was the turn that came to the reality of the life of the Kim Peek that gave him the privilege of recognition from the world and made him an inspiration. At the Association of Retarded Citizens in Arlington, Texas, Barry Morrow a screenwriter found his specialties, and he approached his father asking him to share his son with the world for its outstanding talent and abilities. But his father ignored to prevent his son from unethical disregard.

Two years later Morrow introduced a script of a film with the character of “Raymond Babbitt” based on the life of Peek acted by Dustin Hoffman, a mentally impaired child. In the movie, he showed the other extraordinary talents and abilities that are gifted by God to the character of these disabled children make them inspirational to the world. No sooner the release of the film “Rain Man” acted by Dustin Hoffman brought worldly recognition to Kim Peek and became a milestone of his career and life as well. The authorities offered him the earlier refused High school certification with lots of honor and pride.

Life of Kim Peek in a Nutshell

The father of Kim Peek was a very selfless man he never took any amount from the events, lectures, tours, and excursions that were made by his son. Doctors studied that he got excelled in his remembrance by growing of his age. Five universities researched him and found that he was skilled in more than 15 subjects. In 1996, “The Real Rain Man-Kim Peek” a book was published by his father Fran peek describing his life. His greatest possession was the Oscar bagged by Morrow for the screenplay written under the influence of the life of the Kim Peek. The unimaginable personality died by a severe heart attack in 2009.