Unique Girl

Special people are so uncommon that they have mostly been seen in movies and comics. Olivia Farnsworth, a seven-year-old girl from Huddersfield, is your introduction to reality. She can do things which you can only dream of like, working continuously without getting tired, feeling hungry or getting knocked down by any pain whatsoever. Surprised?

Wonder girl?

Indeed. Olivia is the only person in the world, at the moment, to have been carrying all the three qualities. But when you get to know that she is suffering from a rarest of a rare disease, then these qualities would be seen as symptoms. Even doctors were surprised when they got to know about her suffering from an unusual chromosome disorder.

From the outset, she is a healthy child but this is what she does that makes the difference. Another thing unique here is that the condition she is facing does not even have a specific name as yet.

Popularly known as the Steel Girl

For Doctors she is ‘bionic,’ friends and her family members have given her the name ‘Steel Girl.’ Some years back, a car ran over her mercilessly, and she was dragged to some distance but guess what she didn’t even complain about once. She didn’t feel any pain neither did her body suffer severe injuries by such brutal compression. Isn’t that a steely stuff?

Does it hurt?

A cut in the hand, a blow to the head both hurt but she doesn’t feel the pain at all. Once one of her teeth stormed her lower lip due to a fall, she witnessed. She didn’t even drop a tear while going to the hospital. Plastic surgery went through, and she was unmoved, and it was not because of the anesthesia that was given to her but the super rare genetic disorder she suffers.

Sleep- her enemy

From the very beginning, Olivia used to sleep for a meager number of hours. When she was nine months old, she stopped having a daytime sleep. And as life went ahead, her night sleep also reduced to just two hours. When she first yawned, she was five. Speaking of the current time, her mother has to give medicines to her so that she could get some sleep.

These are just a few instances of this miraculous girl’s life. But this doesn’t mean that her life is without any problems. They exist in plenty.

The disadvantages

Ask the one experiencing it to know what problems uniqueness comes with. Cameos of anger have been thrown to people around her, and on most occasions, it was her mother dealing with them. Her anger is hard to manage and control. While angry, she has even kicked and punched her mother, and her mother had no other option but to tolerate.

Till the age of 4 and a half, Olivia witnessed no hair on her head. With such an integral part missing from a girl’s body, it was a hard time for her and her parents as the teasing game began at such an early age. The growth of her hair is still very slow.

All these actions of her, when done in public, have caused a lot of embarrassment to the people around her. Chromosome six deletion is how her condition is described as by the doctors. She stands out from others due to the super abilities she has acquired. These sorts of features were only seen in super science fiction movies and comics till now.

What if you felt the same?

Imagine you are not able to feel the pain but are to some extent being affected by the blow which gave it to you. Wouldn’t this be problematic after some time? Would you not want to be like a normal human?

To say that life is unfair to her would be unfair to live. She should live as if she has been blessed more than cursed. The good thing is that she has never backed away from facing these challenges and all through this journey she has been ably supported and backed by her family and friends.  Her mother is raising funds through various ways to increase the research into such a rare disorder, and someday, she feels, her daughter might become normal. But for now, this dream seems far away.